English pick up lines

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Quot: A fuck must be earned. I can´t go down the street with a bucket of fuck, giving them out to everyone.

- If i feel that you´ve earned it. I´ll give a fuck.


 Whip it out and show me what you got, so I can save the disappointment from later. 

• Do you have any tacos on you? (No.) In that case, will you make out with me?

• Would you fuck a complete stranger? (No) Then Hi, my name is.

• Are you gay? (No.) Wow, me neither, let's have sex.

• I'm conducting a survey on the taste of vaginas. Wanna be my first participant?

• If I washed my dick, would you suck it? (No.) Oh, so you like to suck dirty dicks.

• Let's go fuck in a brand new limo.

• Life is like a dick. When it gets hard, "Fuck it" 

• Nice fucking weather. Want to?

• Wanna fuck, or should I call my lawyer?

• Hi, my name is Guerrermo. I eat pussy like a woman.

• You remind me of a blue ribbon bass. I don't know if I should mount you or eat you.

• Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.

• I'm not a slut, I'm just popular. Wanna fuck me and be the Big Man on Campus? 

• You -will- go home with me tonight.

• I ran out of Viagra. Can I use you? 

• Do you know what part of the tongue registers the "salty taste? Why don't you blow me and find out?

• You know, you really piss me off. You are the most disgusting bitch I have ever seen. Absolutely disgraceful. Wanna suck my hairy balls?

• love is a sensation; caused by a temptation; to feel penetration; a guy sticks his location; in a girl's destination; to increase the population; for the next generation; did you get my explanation; or do you need a demonstration?

• Hi. Last night, a little leprechaun came up to me and told me that if you don't have sex with me tonight, your(or my) dick is going to fall off. We don't want that now do we?

• Do you know what part of the tongue registers the "salty taste? Why don't you blow me and find out?

• Can you lick your nipples? [No.] Can I?

• Alright, let's go... I'll give you a half hour.

• I'm not an expert in hardware, but I know that you'd be able to screw my nuts off.

• Could you do me a favor? Could you get on your knees and smile like a donut? 

• Roses are black, violets are red, what is it going to take, to get you into bed? 

• You've been a bad, bad girl(boy). Go to my room! 

• Ever slept in a $5000 bed? Want to? 

• This is a condom. If we put it on, we can have sex.

• I'm hard. You wet?


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